FOCUS at Stavanger, Norway - December '74

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review-by: Kjell Arne Nordli, Norway
country: Norway



After the release of "Hamburger Concerto" Focus and support act Cyril made a small tour in Norway (Oslo, Skien and Stavanger) in December 1974. Here's a cute, little story from a Norwegian magazine.

Focus actually also visited Oslo earlier that same year (before the Hamburger Concerto-release), then with "Earth and fire" as support act.

I have scanned and enclosed both the article (Stavanger) and a ticket for the December-consert in Oslo.

The translation of the article is something like this:

200 candle lights on stage

It is not always easy for a foreign driver to drive on Norwegian roads. Especially not if you are a Dutch truck driver with 15 meters of car behind you and the roads are slippery of ice and snow. At least it was too much for the man who should drive the equipment and instruments for Focus to a concert in Stavanger. He gave it up halfway, went to sleep at the nearest hotel and forgot to tell the band about his decision.

Not before the afternoon next day, when the equipment should have arrived and the sound check was about to start, it became very obvious that the concert-arranger had a huge problem; lots of sold tickets and both Focus and support act Cyril in town, but no amps, no instruments and no light-equipment.

Three local rock-groups did not have any gigs this night, and offered to lend out their instruments and equipment. The answer from the members of Focus was: Come with what you have, and we will play! The only problem left was the stage lightning, but also that problem was solved. The concert-arranger went out shopping, and with 200 candlelights spread all over the stage the show could go on.

Best regards
Kjell Arne Nordli, Norway

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