The origin of "Sarter" (Hamburger Concerto)

By Steffen Staugaard

The St. Anthoni Chorale - Partitur, click here to an enlarged format

The first Hamburger Concerto track "Starter" isnīt written totally by Thijs Van Leer - the track is more "adapted" as I would call it.
I donīt know wether there is more info on the LP as on the CD release concerning the credits to that part of the track, seeing that I havenīt got my LP anymore.

The theme on "Starter" is a classical theme.

The theme is mostly know as "The St. Anthoni Chorale" which is the main theme in a classical masterpiece by Johannes Brahms called "Variations on a Theme by Joseph Haydn, opus 56a", which was completed in 1873.

The theme (the St. Anthoni Chorale) was originally composed as a trumpet-serenade, but Brahms adapted it for full orchestration 3 years before the release of his first symphony.

The theme is credited to Joseph Haydn, but it is told, that Haydn wasnīt the real composer of that theme. The original composer is unknown - so no-one has a credit-right I might think. So it might be called a "traditional" composition.

Steffen Staugaard - 09.09.98

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