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  In accordance with the requirements of the Greater
London Council and the Watch Committees of the various
towns and cities of the tour, the following conditions must
be observed:-

1. The public may leave at the end of the performance by
all exit and entrance doors and such doors must at that time
be open.

2. All gangways, corridors, staircases and external
passageways intended for exit shall be kept entirely free
from obstruction whether permanent or temporary.

3. Persons shall not be permitted to stand or sit in any of
the gangways intersecting the seating, or to sit in any of the
other gangways or any unseated space in the Auditorium, unless
standing in such space has been specially allowed by the
GLC or the Watch Committee, as applicable. If standing be
permitted in the gangways at the sides and the rear of
the seating it shall be limited to the numbers indicated in
the notices exhibited in those positions.

4. The safety curtain must be lowered and raised once
immediately before the commencement of each performance
so as to ensure it being in proper working order.
The Management reserve the right to change the
programme without notice and are not held responsible for
the non-appearance of any artist. The Management reserve
the right to refuse admittance.


Programme designed, produced and published
for your pleasure by
Publishing Enquiries

Copyright Theatregraphics January 1976

This is the only official tour brochure

This rare Focus 1976 UK Tour Program was kindly 
sent by Chuck Cobb

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