Jan Dumée in Rio - September/October - 2003

Pictures and information kindly sent by Rodrigo Werneck

Jan Dumée and Arthur Maia's Band

Jan Dumée played as a guest at Arthur Maia's concerts at the Ballroom 
in Rio de Janeiro (on Wednesday Sept 24) and also in another venue in the 
city of Niterói on Friday Sept 26. (Jan is playing with his new white Gibson Les Paul Custom, and Arthur is playing with a D'Alegria bass!).

Jan has been very busy working on his new solo album, tentatively entitled 
"Rio On The Rocks". I have listened to some excerpts, basic tracks, etc., 
and it sounds very good! A mix of European and Brazilian influences... you 
can hear a Focus-like Hammond here and there, as well as typical Brazilian 
rhythms. Yesterday I spent the afternoon and night watching Jan and Arthur 
Maia do their magic in the studio. Arthur played with one of our D'Alegria 
basses, as you can see on the attached pics. Also pictured is Bob, the 
sound engineer who is going to mix and master the whole thing when ready.

Xande Figueiredo has already played the drums parts, as well as Marvio 
Ciribelli who played some nice Fender Rhodes electric piano fills. I 
believe that Marcos Suzano played some percussion parts today. Things seem 
to be going really well, and I am sure this will be a killer album!

Tomorrow (Wednesday) Jan is going to play as a guest on Marvio Ciribelli's 
concert in Niterói. This is part of a project led by Marvio himself, and 
on next Wednesday (Oct 8th) the project will feature a Jan Dumée concert 
together with guests.

Rodrigo Werneck - October / 01 / 2003

Jan Dumée and Arthur Maia

Jan Dumée and Arthur Maia

Jan Dumée

Jan Dumée and Robson (Roadie)

Sound Engineer Bob


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