Mother Focus - 1975

6-"Mother Focus"-1975

Side one

  1. Mother Focus
  2. I need a bathroom
  3. Bennie Helder
  4. Soft Vanilla
  5. Hard Vanilla
  6. Tropic Bird

Side two

  1. FOCUS 4
  2. Someone´s crying...what!
  3. All together!...oh that!
  4. No hang ups
  5. My sweetheart
  6. Father Bach

Musicians :
Thijs van Leer :
keyboards, flute, vocals on "Mother Focus"
Jan Akkerman : guitars
Bert Ruiter : bass guitars, vocals on "I Need a Bathroom"
David Kemper : drums
Collin Allen : drums on "I Need a Bathroom"

Produced by FOCUS for R.T.M. Brussels

Note :The LP "Ship of memories" countain the traks "Red sky at night" and "Crackers" from the same period of "Mother Focus",and the first version of "Mother Focus" called "Glider".

Rodrigo Mantovani

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