Focus 3 - 1972

3-"Focus 3"-1972

European Lp Cover Version and Cd cover version

Side one

  1. Round goes the gossip
  2. Love Remembered
  3. Sylvia
  4. Carnival fugue

Side two

  1. Focus 3
  2. Answers ? Questions ! Questions ? Answers !

Side three

  1. Anonymus two-part 1

Side four

  1. Anonymus two-part 2
  2. Elspeth of Nottingham
  3. House of the King

Musicians :
Thijs van Leer :
vocal, organ, piano, alto, flute, piccolo, harpsichord
Jan Akkerman : solo, acoustic guitars
Bert Ruiter : bass guitar
Pierre van der Linden : drums

Produced by Mike Vernon for R.T.M.
Recording Engineer : George Chkiantz
Recorded at Olympic B' Studios, Barnes, July 1972
Sleeve design by Hamish Grimes

Lyrics Available

Thijs Van LeerPierre Van Der LindenJan AkkermanBert Ruiter
Back cover pictures. From left to right: Thijs van Leer, Pierre van der Linden, Jan Akkerman and Bert Ruiter.

When Focus 3 was released "House of the King" was added as the last track even though neither Bert Ruiter nor Pierre van der Linden played on it as it was in fact the version recorded in 1969 for the In and Out of Focus album.

Tim Baugh

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