Moving Waves - 1970

2-"Moving Waves"-1970

Side one

  1. Hocus Pocus
  2. Le Clochard ("Bread")
  3. Janis
  4. Moving Waves
  5. Focus 2

Side two

  1. Eruption
    a) Orfeus-Answer-Orfeus
    b) Answer-Pupilla-Tommy
    c) Answer-The bridge
    d) Euridice-Dayglow-Endless Road
    e) Answer-Orfeus-Euridice

Musicians :
Thijs van Leer :
organ, harmonium, mellotron, soprano and alto flute, piano
Jan Akkerman : solo, acoustic guitar, bass guitar
Cyriel Havermans : bass guitar
Pierre van der Linden : drums
Thijs van Leer and Cyriel Havermans : voices

Produced by Mike Vernon for R.T.M.

Click here to see the enlarged version of the back cover photoNote : This is a re-issue of the Focus-2 original Dutch album, and considered the best FOCUS' album for many people.

Rodrigo Mantovani

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