Focus Plays Focus 1970 - Front Cover Focus Plays Focus 1970 - Back Cover

1-"FOCUS Plays FOCUS" - 1970

Side one

  1. Focus (instrumental) (T. van Leer)
  2. Why dream ? (T. van Leer; E. Cleuver)
  3. Happy Nightmare (Mescaline) (T. van Leer; M. Dresden; M. Hayes)
  4. Anonymous (T. van Leer; J. Akkerman; M. Dresden)

Side two

  1. Black beauty (T. van Leer; E. Cleuver)
  2. Sugar Island (T. van Leer; M. Dresden; J. Staal)
  3. Focus (vocal) (T. van Leer; E. Cleuver)

Musicians :
Thijs van Leer :
organ, flutes, vocals
Jan Akkerman : guitars and acoustic guitars
Martin Dresden : bass
Hans Cleuver : drums


Dutch release: IMPERIAL 5c 054-24192 NV.Bovema-Heemstede-Holland
Produced by H.J.M.Terhegge

This is the very first Focus release 1970 with a total different front cover and title [Sugar Island included]
No names or any liner notes are present. 

Covers and Text kindly sent by Nico Van Der Linden.

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