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Woord Voor Woord - 1971
(One word after another) Dutch TV program.

Side 1:

Aart Staartjes tells the story of Mozes – Karel Eykman (text) – Jan Akkerman en Thijs van Leer (music).

Side 2:

Aart Staartjes tells the story of Mozes – Karel Eykman (text) – Jan Akkerman en Thijs van Leer (music).

Narrator: Aart Staartjes
Text: Karel Eykman 

Coverdrawing: Bert Bouman
Production: Trudy van Keulen and Ruud Wams
Engineering: André de Vries, Eddy Hilbert and André Hooning
Photo: Nico v.d. Stam
Cover design: Jan Fijnheer
Based upon the IKOR-television show Woord voor Woord.

Recorded and manufactured by Bovema/Emi, Haarlem, Holland

Woord voor woord (one word after another) was a televisionprogram, broadcasted in 1967 in the Netherlands. Stories of about 10 minutes from the bible for children. Aart Staartjes (Dutch actor, born in Nieuwendam at 1 march 1938) tells the story of Mozes

Translation of the back-cover liner notes by Leen van Zwol :

Without judging other televisionprogrammes, I find “Woord voor Woord” the most important televisionprogramme of the three clerical broadcasting organisations (CVK, IKOR and KRO/RKK). In a country where the people who don’t go to church anymore often confess by means of the excuse that “during my youth I learned more than enough”, it has to be a challenge for the churches to make a programme for children, that tells the stories from the bible, as if they were written for today or tomorrow (and this is true): that shows love for children (and don’t consider them as miniature adults, but as contemporaries, who – if they are ignorant – the day after tomorrow are being faced with a polluted world): and that hopes for a generation, that can and want to decide themselves, in what they do or don’t belief.

It would be recklessness to pretend, that “woord voor woord” met this challenge with the almost 400 times, that it was weekly shown. What we can establish (with joy), is that parents “of which ever denomination” let their children watch “woord voor woord”  without the fear of indoctrination (because such a fear exists). And that – when we invited the viewing children in 1969 to speak out their view on the future – we received 20.000 essays and drawings – those were summarized in a film, that was shown in many countries as a confession of disappointment and hope from the people of tomorrow.

“Woord voor woord” wants to be a defiant programme. This theme is not derived from itself, but from the book that has the exodus to a better future as a guide.

Rev. Wim Koole

Manager of IKOR-tv

All images and text on this page kindly sent by Leen van Zwol from the Dutch site

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