Part 1 - From 15/nov/96 to 25/apr/97

Hi Rodrigo,

Thanks for liking "Thank You". S:^) I had serious doubts about the  track
when it first made it to the tribute project (back when the  tribute album
was supposed to be 1-CD only, and I was risking being  cut off from the
project because I hadn't recorded the song  professionally), but now that
several people have expressed their  liking for the track, you can say I'm
quite happy and satisfied about  it (...about Gentle-Giant Tribute).

And as for Focus, you're telling me news (and great news at that!). I think
your best bet would be to check , Jan  Akkerman's official
home page. I'm going there shortly myself just to  find out. This would be
great if it's true!!!

Ah, well, thanks again for the letter and have a great summer  (hopefully
Focus-ed! S8^D) 

Glen (aka Barney Rubble)

25/apr/97 Hi Rodrigo Nice to hear from you. Yes the rumour is true and Focus have already made some new demo tapes and sent them to Mike Veron in England. Apparently they sound like the early Focus cica 1972/73. I will keep you informed of developments. Regards Tim England
24/apr/97 Dear Mr. Mantovani -- have been trying to track down CD reissues of FOCUS' back catalogue, and so far the only ones I have been able to locate are the first three albums. I assume that the rest of these albums are all available in Europe (or elsewhere). Any suggestions on companies I might be able to contact to obtain these items? Thanks for any input you may have. Sincerely, Doug Miner
18/apr/97 Did you know that Focus have reformed with Thijs van Leer, Bert Ruiter, Hans Cleuver and Wiliam van Dike on guitar. Let me know if you want more details. Tim Baugh England.
18/apr/97 Ola parabens pela pagina. Excelentes links e otima informacao sobre esta banda. Gosto muito do trabalho solo do TVL. Regards Lanzarini Visite/See the site: =++==++==++==++==++==++===++==++==++==++==++==++
23/mar/97 Rodrigo: Just came across your web site on Focus. Excellent! I've been a fan of the group since the beginning. I've manage to collect all the cd's except for 'Mother Focus'! You know of an outlet where I can get this one. Thanks Dude! The Juicer....
13/feb/97 Your site mentions this video as being available. Can you E-mail me with specifics? Thanks. Gary Wright
28/jan/97 Hi Rodrigo, I was just wondering if you were interested in perusing an unfinished Focus home page of mine... If you are: And, oh, did you see Akkernet? Glen Bourgeois
19/jan/97 Hi Rodrigo Mantovani, I've just heard that EMI has remastered the Hamburger Concerto and that it's now available on CD. Do you know where I could order the album? Meurisse Laurent " The Truth Is Out There " -------------------------------------------------
01/dec/96 Rodrigo - Thanks for a spectacular job on your web page! I am in search of some of van Leer's later solo work. I have "O My Love", his CBS jazz LP, and all 3 introspection titles, plus his Christmas album (in the US it came out 2LP, with a few solos with Elly Ameling. I'd like a source in the Netherlands who can help me buy these and other Van Leer albums on CD - especially the Christmas release. Can you help me? I also notice that there are a couple of Jan Akkerman web pages - you might want to add these to your hot links. Dave-o Thompson, Denver Colorado USA
29/nov/96 Oi Rodrigo Meus gradessissimos parabens por essa página do Focus. Grande trabalho. Eu sou aqui do Rio de Janeiro, meu nome é Aloisio Campelo e eu tenho uma banda que toca covers de Pink Floyd e musicas proprias na linha progressiva (Focus e sem duvida uma grande influencia). Outra coincidencia e o Dan Barrett ter revisado seu texto. Eu tenho mantido bastante contato com ele pois minha banda tem uma musica no tributo a Gentle Giant que deve sair em breve. Ah ! Eu tinha uma banda mezzo prog/mezzo rock anos 70 que tocava Sylvia e Hocus Pocus (eu até tenho isso gravado). Modestia a parte ate que ficava bonitinho. Bem, por enquanto é isto Saudacoes progressivas A. Campelo Jr. - Rio de Janeiro
16/nov/96 Olá!!! Visitei sua página sobre o Focus, muito boa! :-) Você tem alguem arquivo MID deles? Vladimir Amarante Violator

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