House Of The King

House Of The King

House Of The King released by Bovema Negram on EMIGOLD Series 1A 034-25130 also appears with serial no. DAG102. Track listings are identical on both versions, as are the covers.

Side One

  1. Hocus Pocus (US version)
  2. Love Remembered
  3. Tommy
  4. Elspeth Of Nottingham
  5. House Of The King

Side Two

  1. Sylvia (At The Rainbow version)
  2. Focus II
  3. Round Goes The Gossip
  4. Focus III

I don't have a turntable at present to check this, but I think from memory the version of Focus III might also be from the Rainbow album but I am not sure.

Interestingly, I was given this album by a friend maybe around 1978 this was DAG102 and I recall being astounded by the "new" version of Hocus Pocus. Before I learned it was a version recorded for the US market I had thought it was perhaps a live version from some other source. I think this is a great version of the tune, it almost sounds like it was "live" in the studio. Does anyone know the background to the US version like where, when, how it was recorded?

Tom Watson

Information and picture kindly sent by Tom Watson

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