Moving Waves
Dutch double album compilation

Moving Waves - Dutch double album compilation


Side 1

  1. Focus - 9'45''
  2. Why dream - 3'57''
  3. Happy nightmare - 3'56''

Side 2

  1. Tommy - 3'25''
  2. Anonymus - 7'00''
  3. Sylvia - 3'13''
  4. Love remembered - 2'34''
  5. House of the King - 2'15''

Side 3

  1. Hocus Pocus - 4'35''
  2. Le Clochard (bread) - 1'55''
  3. Janis - 3'00''
  4. Moving waves - 2'30''
  5. Focus II - 4'00''

Side 4

    Eruption (basical idea Thijs van Leer) 22'35''
  1. Orfeus, Answer, Orfeus
  2. Answer, Pupilla, Tommy, Pupilla
  3. Answer, The Bridge
  4. Euridice, Dayglow, Endless road
  5. Answer, Orfeus, Euridice

Worldcopyright all titles Radio Telemusic Brussels

Thijs van Leer:

Organ, harmonium, mellotron, soprano and alto flute, piano, voices
Jan Akkerman:
Solo, accoustic, bassguitar
Pierre van der Linden:
Drums and percussions, side 3 and 4 tracks 1, 3 and 4 of side 2.
Cyriel Havermans:
Bassguitar and voices, side 3 and 4 and tracks 1, 3 and 4 of side 2.
Hans Cleuver:
Drums and percussions side 1 and tracks 2 and 5 of side 2.
Martijn Dresden:
Bassguitar side 1 and tracks 2 and 5 of side 2.

"Without any doubt Focus is a super band. Four classified musicians, who produce a sound to which a right-minded poplover listens with red cheeks and ears.

High-classed popmusic of an unkown high standard. In their rather short period of existence, they build themselves a true reputation that attracts full houses far beyond our borders. The four with the composersduo Akkerman/ Van Leer in a centered position scored hits like "House of the King" and "Hocus Pocus" through which they became better known to a larger audience, but their albums caused them their real big fame.

"Focus II" that you can also find on this "Moving Waves" album, is without a doubt the best popalbum made by a Dutch band so far. Focus is one of the few bands that expands and enriches its already unique sound all the time. It's rather obvious: we just can't do without Focus".

Cover picture and song list kindly sent by Steffen Staugaard.

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