Attention ! Focus - German Compilation

It's an alternate cover version - See more here


Side 1

  1. Mother Focus
  2. I Need A Bathroom
  3. Bennie Helder
  4. Soft Vanilla
  5. Hard Vanilla
  6. Tropic Bird

Side 2

  1. Focus IV
  2. Someoneīs Crying...What!
  3. All Together...Oh That!
  4. No Hang Ups
  5. My Sweetheart
  6. Father Bach

The LP is from 1975 and has all the same tracks as Mother Focus. Itīs a Phonogram-Release - that will say - a German release.

Steffen Staugaard

Sleevenotes from "Attention" German issue of "Mother Focus" by Joost van Os 21/3/77

Focus are one of the groups who may be regarded already as one of the musical trendsetters of the seventies. This Dutch band has created excitement all over the world during the past few years with their unique sound and musical approach.

Their music can't be easily categorised; it is an all-round form of music with rock, jazz and classical influences. Focus was founded in 1971 by Thijs van Leer after his study at the Amsterdam Conservatory.

Original members of the group were Thijs van Leer (keyboards, flute), Martijn Dresden (bassguitar) and Hans Cleuver (drums).

The music and image of the group changed thoroughly with the arrival of master guitarist Jan Akkerman. Soon they became the No 1 rock attraction in the Netherlands and were voted "brightest hope" by Melody Maker. To see a show of the band is an experience. It is a battle on stage of four highly talented musicians who try to get everything out of their instruments and try to lift each other up to new musical heights. This record is an example of a unique combination of musicians who play each song with a wish for perfection.

Thijs van Leer - keyboards, flute, vocals on "Mother Focus"
Jan Akkerman - guitars
Bert Ruiter - bassguitar, vocals on "I Need A Bathroom"
David Kemper - drums
Colin Allen - drums on "I Need A Bathroom"

Sleevenotes kindly sent by Tom Watson

Cover picture and song list kindly sent by Steffen Staugaard

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