Zing je Moerstaal - 1976

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This is the "Zing je moerstaal"
(Sing your mother tongue) compilation album. The cover shows a Dutch symbol, the frog with the wooden shoes, sitting in a singing mouth with a pen in his hand: the combination of music and poetry. In the word "moers" you see the colours of the Dutch national flag: rood, wit, blauw (red, white, blue). The album was released on the occasion of the Week of books 1976. On this album Dutch pop musicians recorded works of Dutch authors.

Irene Heinicke


side 1:

  1. Boezem - Kayak
  2. Fred - Lucifer
  3. Rond - Bots
  4. Maar één maand - Alexander Curly
  5. De tijd zegt niets - Earth & Fire
  6. Terug naar de kust - Maggie MacNeal

side 2:

  1. De Kinderballade - Boudewijn de Groot
  2. Het Dorp - Fungus
  3. Perpetuum mobile - Peter Koelewijn
  4. Avondrood - FOCUS
  5. Sober Leven - Drs. P.
  6. Juffrouw Nifterink - Robert Long

O Avondrood - FOCUS
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O Avondrood - 1976


The members of Focus knew the works of the writer/poet Jules Deelder (from Rotterdam) already in 1976. Avonrood is taken from his poem collection "De zwarte jager" (The black hunter). Focus chose this poem because of its regular structure and high tuned cheers that put things in perspective from time to time: an empty box in comparison to a massacre in the west!

The performance of Focus is unique: for the first time Thijs van Leer and Jan Akkerman sing together, it's a real song, less symphonic than the regular Focus music. All together it became a rare piece of music.

Irene Heinicke

Lyrics of the Song Avondrood available here (click in "Medium Rare" compilation lyrics).

PS: This song was issued in the album "Ship of Memories", with the name "Red sky at night" but without lyrics.

All images,texts and translation in this page was kindly sent by Irene Heinicke.

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