Side 1

  1. Hocus Pocus
  2. Focus Instrumental
  3. Round goes the gossip
  4. Love remembered
  5. House of the King

    Side 2

  1. Early birth
  2. Focus II
  3. Carnival fugue
  4. Janis
  5. Elspeth of Nottingham
  6. Tommy
  7. Sylvia

This was a compilation released in the UK in 1975 on the Polydor label. It featured a rare track called Early birth which was recorded during the Hamburger Concerto sessions and at the time was released as the B side of the single Harem Scarem. The track has since been released on the CD version of the Hamburger Concerto album.

Liner notes

Focus will forever be remembered as the band that proved good music does not stop at Dover. They were the first contemporary European band to break in Britain and as such opened ears and broadened horizons. Focus have been through several changes since their formation in 1970, but their heart remains stable - multi instrumentalist and phonetic vocalist extraordinary Thijs van Leer, Jan Akkerman, widely regarded as the most exiting new guitarist of the 70ís and solid bass player Bert Ruiter. The band broke in Britain in 1972 when their appearance on the "Old Grey Whistle Test" created enormous attention. Early in 1973 they had two singles neck and neck in the Top Ten - "Hocus Pocus" and "Sylvia", both of which appear on this album. In autumn 1973 Briton Colin Allen, formerly with Stone The Crows and John Mayall, replaced Pierre Van Der Linden, and his arrival coincided with the bandís American breakthrough. They have now achieved world popularity. This album features arguably the finest tracks from their first three albums - "In and out of Focus", "Moving Waves" and "Focus III".

Label: Polydor 2384-070B

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